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    Physio-4 Therapies for Running and Walking

    Physio-4 Therapies for Running and Walking

    Running and walking are both great ways to stay in shape and keep fit. If you are new to running or are starting to walk for exercise after an illness, it’s best to work with your physiotherapist to develop a program suited for you that includes warm up and cool down stretches to help prevent injury.  If you feel pain during or after running or walking, a physiotherapist can help.

    Physio-4 Therapies for running & walking to prevent injury, alleviate pain and keep you moving for life.

    1.  Proper footwear is essential for walkers and runners.
    The proper shoe can help maximize your efficiency and minimize your risk of injury. Try on many then select the shoe with the best shape for your foot. Your physiotherapist can assess whether arch supports or custom orthotics are necessary to improve your gait.

    2.  Start off slowly and build up your strength.
    If you have been injured or are new to walking and running, follow a graduated program to help build your body’s tolerance to the stresses of running and walking. Too much too soon can cause re-injury and unnecessary soreness.

    3.  Walkers and runners are prone to overuse injuries.
    These are often due to imbalances in strength and flexibility that you can correct through therapeutic exercises. Your physiotherapist can create a program designed specifically for you.

    4.  Choose walking or running to prevent osteoporosis later in life.
    Weight bearing exercise provides controlled stress to your bones, helping to improve or maintain bone density.  Your physiotherapist can help you develop a program specifically designed to maximize your bone health.

    Physiotherapists are the recovery masters suggested by most doctors. They are university-educated health professionals who work with patients of all ages to analyse and treat essentially any versatility issue. Physiotherapists give consideration to orthopaedic issues, for example, sports and working environment injuries, and additionally cardiorespiratory and neurological conditions.

    As Melbourne’s most physically dynamic wellbeing experts, Physiotherapies know how to keep you moving forever.

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