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    How to deal with back pain ?

    How to deal with back pain ?

    The research states that 4/5 people has suffered from back pain in their lifetime. Some may be severe and extended over long time whereas some might be short term and acute which may go away by medication. But I guess, you would like to know what causes it and how it can be prevented. To understand lets first understand some basic structures around the back, its anatomy.

    How does the back work?

    The back is a complex structure manufactured around the bones of the spinal segment. The spinal column comprises of 24 bones (vertebrae) sitting one on top of another. It sits on the pelvis and is topped by the skull. The bones of the spine are associated by discs at the front and facet joints at the back. The discs retain loads on the spine and, with the facet joints, give the spinal section its flexibility and movement.

    What causes back pain?

    For the vast majority with back pain, there is no particular issue that you or your specialist can distinguish as the reason. This is known as non-specific back pain. There are various elements that can build your danger of creating lower back pain, or exacerbate it once you have it. These include:

    • Standing, sitting or bending down for long stretches of time – eg working throughout the day at a work area without changing your position.

    • Lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling loads that are too substantial, or going about these tasks in the wrong way – this can regularly prompt somebody straining their back.

    • Poor stance – not receiving right stances amid action, for example, housework, designing or cultivating.

    • Being overweight ( BMI > 30 ) – low fitness levels and increased weight puts more request on the structures of the lower back of an individual

    • An accident or injury

    What can be done to help?

    On going activity or exercise is the most imperative way that you can:

    • Ease stiffness and pain

    • Develop muscle strength and stamina

    • Enhance your flexibility and general fitness

    On the off chance that your back agony keeps going a while, absence of movement can make the muscles get to be feeble. This increases the probability that you’ll strain them in future. It’s vital that you don’t rest for a really long time and continue moving.


    Painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen may help and you ought to utilise them in the event that you have to. Take them routinely and at the prescribed measurements to offer you some assistance with controlling pain and permit you to keep working out.

    • Try not to hold up until your pain is extreme before taking pain killers

    • You shouldn’t take ibuprofen or aspirin in case you’re pregnant or have asthma, acid reflux or a ulcer until you’ve identified with your doctor or pharmacist.

    • Medications can have symptoms so you ought to read the label deliberately and check with your pharmacist on the off chance that you have any inquiries.


    On the off chance that your back pain is influencing your activity and is holding on, get a physiotherapist to assess your back pain throughly to rule out any severe damage you may have done to your back. Physiotherapy can assist you with managing pain and enhance your quality of movement, strength and flexibility.

    A physiotherapist can give an assortment of treatments, offer you some assistance with understanding your issue and get you back to your typical exercises. Physiotherapists can likewise give advise on how you can anticipate side effects returning later on, for instance by showing the right approach to lift heavy objects.

    Treatments include:

    • Exercise therapy

    • Joint mobilisation

    • Soft tissue massage

    • Acupuncture / Electroacupuncture

    • Pilates

    • Postural advice / Education

    • Electrotherapy

    • Ergonomic assessment

    On the off chance that you are encountering back torment, or have some other inquiries please contact us at Physiotherapies.

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